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Urban Wood Recyclers

  • Saw Mill NC
    North Carolina's own secret source for beautiful reclaimed wood! Kyle Edwards is one cool guy! Check it out!
  • Urban Hardwoods
    These guys from Seattle take wood recycling seriously!

Tree Stuff

Arborist Forums

  • The Knothole
    A message board for serious tree people.
  • TreeBuzz
    Tree people from all over the world chatting it up about tree stuff.
  • The Tree House
    A little bit on the rough side, but a lot of fun!

Tree Gear Outfitters

Rugby Related

  • Charlotte Rugby Football Club
    Charlotte's own rugby club. If you haven't checked them out, you are missing some good clean violence! Rugby is currently the fastest growing youth sport in Charlotte. Get your ruck on!
  • USA Rugby
    Official USA Rugby website.

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