Helping Trees Out Live People Since 1979.

About Heartwood

The Legend of Heartwood

Patrick started this company with a belief that trees can be more important than line items on a budget. Starting with the first ancient tree he climbed as a teenager by his mom's house on St. John's Lane (which still proudly bisects the two ends of that street to this day), he grew his business one tree at a time, and though that sounds clichéd, he still remembers every tree he has ever been involved with.

In the beginning, there was a truck, a dog named Chainsaw, and some tree climbers. 30 years later, Heartwood has evolved from a group of passionate tree climbers, to an award winning, nationally recognized industry leader.

An attraction to the mystery of trees has led to a devotion to the science of understanding how to kill them.

Just kidding.

We're devoted to the science of keeping them alive.

Awards and Accreditation's:

  • 1st Tree Care Industry Association Accredited tree service in North Carolina – 2005.
  • 3 Board-Certified Master Arborists, 13 Certified Arborists, 7 Certified Tree Worker/Climber Specialists, 2 Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals, and 1 Registered Consulting Arborist
  • National Award for Safety Program – 2005
  • Underwriters of Public Radio
  • Angie's List Super Service Award winner 1999-present
  • Charlotte "Ultimutt" 7s Rugby Tournament Champions 2007-2008
  • Probably Ultimutt Champions 2009



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