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Pro Tip: P.O.G.

Okay, before reading any further,  please make your best effort and guess as to the phrase behind the acronym above, just for fun!  What it refers to is similar to not raking the leaves from your natural areas.   More and more, landscaping and gardening experts are sharing advice as to the benefits of not raking the leaves.  Here’s why.  1) It’s stealing future amendments from the soil.  As leaves break down they release nutrients and organic matter back into the soil making it more amenable to the future fertility of the soil.  This helps build soil structure and makes it easier for roots of growing trees and plants to expand and prosper.  2) It provides habitat for beneficial insects and increases their range in your yard. 3) It saves time and energy.  4) It stops noise and air pollution caused by running gas OR electric blowers.  ( We all have that one neighbor that thinks Sunday morning is the time to catch up on chores and can’t seem to stand the beauty of silence!) 5) Reduces waste, saves landfill space and frees up time to perform other more necessary chores. 

So where does P.O.G. come from?  In tree talk, it means “Put On Ground” and don’t haul away precious organic material.  We spend a lot of time helping people keep and or improve their views here in the mountains and I’ll be the first to admit I like my views!  In most instances it’s more beneficial and cheaper to leave the brush and wood where it falls and it’s much safer for the environment.  We reduce fire hazard quicker when the brush and wood are in contact with the ground and begin returning to the earth in just one or two growing seasons.  It’s cheaper because we spend more time on pruning and less on cleanup which translates to savings!  Less impact on the natural areas since we don’t carry or drag brush and wood out.  So if we’re pruning trees growing on your slopes save the hassle and money we think we need to spend to “clean up”.  Instead, we get to feed the living soil which provides us with the growth of our landscape.  

Now,  What was your guess as to the acronym?  Best answer gets a hale and hearty handshake and maybe a mention in our next newsletter!  Woo Hoo!

Thanks, Patrick George, Tree Steward and Founder of Heartwood Tree Service. 

1608, 2023

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