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703, 2022


March 7th, 2022|

Author: Chris Diffley, Plant Health Care Manager When it comes to caring for your plant material, timing is everything. If you've lived in Charlotte for any length of time, you know that spring is cankerworm season (or used to be), June bugs appear in June, and striped oakworms will happily [...]

1702, 2022

Oh the angst!

February 17th, 2022|

By - Patrick George  Click here for the backstory of this article. Hoping there’s no paywall for you. Vermont Ave. tree removal: No change in nearly $1M West Asheville sidewalk repair project The above story is a classic remake of the “The road to Hell” series.  Some 80+ years ago [...]

102, 2022

Trees Like Food, Just Like Us!

February 1st, 2022|

By Cissy Urbanovsky Trees Like Food?  Yes, that’s a thing!  The “Food” that trees like so much comes from the soil in which they live, not that water that your landscaper swears needs to be irrigated in.  Good soil structure and nutrition are the cornerstone of healthy tree growth. Water [...]

102, 2022

New Year, New Services!

February 1st, 2022|

As Heartwood continues to grow, we have an understanding of the value in our customers’ time. We also have an understanding of how much of an investment tree and plant health care is. We want to give our clients the ability to take the Easy option, and let the experts [...]

102, 2022

Carbon Coins

February 1st, 2022|

By Christine Traini Not a day goes by that I don’t ride in a chip truck back to our shop and think about the resource in our dump bed. As a tree service, it seems to me that after we perform our primary service (tree work) we have a huge [...]

102, 2022

Ready… Set…GROW!!!

February 1st, 2022|

By Patrick George Hard to believe I’m going to be talking about Spring on the tail end of two weekends of snowy weather, but…Ready or not the days are already getting longer and the daffodils are out on display!  While it will still be over 2 plus months before we [...]

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