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2303, 2021

Is it a house plant or a Home plant?

March 23rd, 2021|

Pardon me for revisiting 2020 but it’s been a catalyst for so many new ways of looking at life and all that goes with it so... I just had to! Point of observation: House Plants. The thing that triggered me to write this article was an amazing sight I saw [...]

2210, 2019

Asheville: Who We Are

October 22nd, 2019|

Heartwood Tree Service prides itself on employing the very best talent in the arboriculture industry. Meet your Asheville area consulting arborist and production crew! Pictured in the back row, left to right: Tommy, Mike, Joe, and Yona. Kneeling, left to right: Todd and Josh. Mike is a Warren Wilson graduate with a Forestry [...]

1510, 2019

Crape Myrtle Bark Scale

October 15th, 2019|

Last week we talked about heat stress. As you might notice there have been a lot of factors of the past few years putting our environment under great deals of stress such as longer dry periods with higher temperatures, longer periods of rain and very cold temperatures, mixed with [...]

810, 2019

Are Your Trees Suffering From Summer Heat Stress?

October 8th, 2019|

Trees have a hard time when the temperature rises and water is less available. We want you to be able to catch tree heat stress early so you can keep your trees healthy. A recent study from NC State University finds that urban trees can survive increased heat and insect pests fairly [...]

3107, 2019

Ambrosia Beetle

July 31st, 2019|

Ambrosia Beetle JULY 31, 2019 Pests & Diseases Summertime and the livin’ is easy! Well... for creepy, crawly, buzzing, flying insects that is! In the peak heat of summer we see the widest variety of insects feeding on all kinds of living things, including our beautiful trees! The Ambrosia beetle [...]

805, 2019

Mulch Volcanoes

May 8th, 2019|

Watch out for the fearsome MULCH VOLCANOES!!! It’s that beautiful time of year again! The sun is finally out, and looks like it’s here to stay. It hasn’t gotten too insanely hot (yet), and the pollen seems to be getting a little bit less crazy (keyword, little). It’s that time [...]

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