Why We Help Trees

“For over 40 years, Heartwood Tree has cared for the trees of the Charlotte area, and have expanded our services to Asheville as well as the Lake Norman area.  As the first tree service company in North Carolina to be accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association, we have grown our business by practicing the science and standards of keeping trees healthy, and performing services safely.

Heartwood Tree knows that our community wouldn’t be the same without the trees that line our neighborhoods.  Let us educate and empower you in making the best possible decisions for your own canopy.  Regular maintenance such as inspection, pruning and fertilization benefit these denizens of the forest. Our ISA Certified arborists follow industry safety protocols while maintaining the health of your trees to give you peace of mind in your home. Get to know  Heartwood Tree today and discover how good it can feel to care for your trees.”


Stay current with the updates, newsletter and our event schedule. We are passionate about increasing awareness about the diminishing canopy coverage of our planet and we’re always staying involved to continue to be a part of the solution.

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