I am one of our newest Consulting Arborists at Heartwood. I started my career at Heartwood as a tree climber and recently made the transition. One of the things I enjoy about my job is the ability to talk to people about their trees and help find solutions to concerns they have. Some days I do miss the thrill of climbing high in the canopy, but I gain a different sense of enjoyment from hearing how trees impact you. 


My wife and I are originally from Pennsylvania and moved to the Charlotte area back in 2018. Once here, we found out why many people decide to call Charlotte home. From the great people and the southern hospitality, to the amazing year round weather, we immediately knew this is where we wanted to stay. 

One of the many advantages to living in a warmer climate, is the wide variety of plant species. Some of my favorite trees are Live Oaks and Crape Myrtles. The Live Oak is one of my favorite trees to climb and I love how Crape Myrtles flower in the summer time while most other flowering plants bloom in the spring. I believe they each provide unique value to the landscape by providing interest in different seasons of the year. 

The interest I have in trees really started when I was attending The Pennsylvania State University, where I received my bachelors of science in Landscape Contracting. One day I was walking across campus and noticed a group of students who were climbing trees. It struck a sense of curiosity in me because I had never seen that before, but it looked so cool! After doing some research, I quickly became fascinated with trees and added an Arboriculture Minor to my degree. Ironically though, I had to overcome my fear of heights to climb trees. In the end, the excitement and thrill outweighed the fear and it is something I still enjoy doing today. 

My career started off in landscaping where I was also a licensed pesticide applicator. That background of landscaping and plant health care has become an invaluable source of knowledge once I fully transitioned into tree care. It allows me to understand how different parts of the landscape around your home interact with each other. From pests and diseases, to how a new paver patio may impact the roots and health of a nearby tree. 

Trees can provide many types of value to the landscape. They can provide cost saving benefits like shading your home from the summer sun, to increasing your home value when you choose to sell. They can also provide sentimental value when we plant a tree as a memorial for loved ones or when we hang a swing from its limbs for kids and grandkids to enjoy. This is why my goal is to save as many trees as possible for our future generations to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that some trees do need to be removed for a variety of reasons. However, I believe that trees also possess an inherent value. Once that 100 year old tree is cut down, another tree of that size and beauty will not be seen again in our lifetime.

I am thrilled to be serving as your Consulting Arborist and look forward to the opportunity to meet you and talk about your trees. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you save your trees.