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The View from Crown. -Patrick George

Well, it’s now been 43 years since Heartwood Tree Service was first started.  Late summer of 1979.  I know.  I’ve been there since the beginning.  This is Patrick George, Founder of Heartwood Tree Service and I just wanted to share a few insights as I climb down from the leadership of this grand old tree that Heartwood has become since that time. 

      I’ve been asked many times about why I got into trees in the first place.  It’s simple.  I’ve been awed by their beauty, majesty, size and their longevity since I first started learning about them.  My joy of being in the woods and discovering their many secrets, gifts and lessons still rings true for me and I feel like I’m “home” everytime I enter the woods.  They are one of life’s many gifts to us and I’ve always felt a sense of responsibility to care for them and share some of their virtues with all who would listen.  

  It’s also that sense of responsibility that says it’s time for me to pass on the legacy of care and growth of Heartwood to younger generations of like minded care givers. 


 My daughter, Julia, came to me 5 years ago after traveling the world.  She had done it by herself on her own dime.  Her mother, Noreen and I couldn’t have been more proud or scared during the whole year she was gone. After seeing the world and the impact that humanity was having on it, She knew she wanted to help others realize that it’s future depends on our actions and that the government alone wasn’t going to do it.

 So for the last 5 years Julia has been working within Heartwood to learn what it takes once you decide to “pick up the saw”.   Once again, I couldn’t be more proud or scared for her.  It’s a demanding, dangerous business and I look to turn over the keys in the next several months. 


In the meantime, I’ll continue to share my thoughts and memories of being in the best industry to grow up in and that continues to grow in importance to all.  In the interim months,  I’d love for you to share any memories you might have of Heartwood or your trees with me by writing to my email,  [email protected] and regale me with your thoughts and insights.  Thank you!

It’s looking up for trees!


Patrick George Tree Steward.

805, 2023

The Lungs Of Atlanta Are Not Safe

May 8th, 2023|

The Lungs Of Atlanta Are Not Safe Editorial by Julia George Ever heard of the South River Forest? It's one of the oldest and largest forests in Atlanta, located just southeast of the city. The benefits provided by this forest are numerous, including pollution reduction, erosion [...]

2402, 2023

Updates from the Arbor – Cissy Urbanovsky

February 24th, 2023|

In early December of 2022, Heartwood Tree promoted Southern Territory Manager, Dustin Urbanovsky, to the role of Director of General Tree Work.  In this new position, Dustin will step in to take responsibility for scheduling and management and logistics of our tree work production crews.  Dustin brings over 13 years [...]

2402, 2023


February 24th, 2023|

If you come here often then you’re already probably familiar with our relatively new ForEver Green Program. Here is some more info to help provide a deeper understanding into what this ForEver Green program entails:   Efficient communication process for maintaining the health of your shrubs and trees  Automatic renewal [...]

2402, 2023

Spotted Lanternfly Update – Julia George

February 24th, 2023|

We already know that a new pest is making its way to our area, the Spotted Lanternfly! This bug has been shown to make itself welcome in a very broad variety of trees, including hardwoods, pine species, fruit trees and grapevines.  We still have time to educate ourselves, prepare ourselves [...]

2402, 2023

Seven year itch! – Patrick George

February 24th, 2023|

I hope this gets your attention this time around. Seven years ago in April, Heartwood found our first reported infestation of Emerald Ash Borer, more commonly referred to as “EAB'', in Mecklenburg County. Two months later we found our first ones in the Asheville Buncombe County area. The US Forest [...]

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