Fall Plant Health Care Services
Editorial by Cissy Urbanovsky

The stress of extreme heat and strong summer storms may have your trees and plants begging for the relief of mild Fall conditions. Increased exposure to severe weather can leave your treescape with a deficiency of the energy stores needed to transition through Fall. Trees with adequate water and nutrients are less susceptible to attack by pests and disease and can recover more easily if problems arise. However, in urban built environments the natural nutrient source for trees, fallen leaves, is generally removed. When utilized as annual property maintenance, Heartwood Tree’s bio-fertilizer blend provides for whole tree health from the roots up. Turf is also a competitor for water and nutrients, so our injection method applies a custom fertilizer blend directly to the root zone of the tree.

This fertilizer is specially formulated for tree health and caters specifically to the needs of our native soils.  If your canopy is showing the signs of summer stress, schedule today to ensure application of fertilizer in time for Fall! Other factors of summer stress can include the presence of Soft and Armored Scales, Mites, Oakworms, and Borers or Ants.  Pesky invasive pests don’t spell disaster for your plants, however.  Routine evaluation by a Certified Arborist, along with pest mitigation practices, can also lend to a healthy living investment in your property.