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Commercial, Facility and Association Services

Commercial properties, facilities and neighborhood associations have unique needs for arboriculture and plant health care services. These types of environments generally have a higher volume of trees, shrubs and plants that need to be maintained regularly for safety and enhancement of property aesthetics, protected through construction processes, and managed through inventory.

Many types of businesses and communities benefit from the unique commercial services that Heartwood Tree Service provides.

  • Real Estate Service
  • Property Management
  • Landscape Management
  • Property Development
  • Construction Service
  • Homeowners’ Associations
  • Community Organizations
  • Sports Complexes and Facilities
  • Commercial Properties and Facilities
  • Retail Businesses
  • Government Properties and Facilities
  • Parks and Recreation

Tree Inventory and Management Plans

This service allows our technicians to create a clear inventory of the trees on your property utilizing GPS and data collection on the current condition of health.  This information will guide your arborist to identify risk, prioritize tree care needs, develop short and long term care and maintenance plans and develop your ongoing budget for tree care.  

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Tree Risk Assessment

Assessment services are an educated approach to caring for trees long term.  This type of inspection and reporting identifies risks associated with a specific tree, and provides an opportunity to make informed decisions for the maintenance and future services needed to keep the tree healthy. A technician will arrive and perform the portions of the test that are needed on site, then compile a written report as to the findings. Your arborist will then review and discuss the results with you to develop a specific plan of action. 

Construction Protection

Damage to a tree can have lasting effects on its health and care. Construction damage shows up as late as between 2 and 5 years or as early as two weeks after the damage has been done. Construction protection is the establishment of protection areas around the tree’s root zone in an area that is likely to be impacted. This process helps your arborist and builder determine risk factors and set realistic expectations to protect the critical root zone of trees in your construction area.
Construction Relief

Tree Appraisals and Report Generation

Trees provide many benefits and value to properties, communities and commercial facilities. Tree appraisal assigns a monetary value to the tree itself, and it’s contribution to the surrounding area, and may be performed for a variety of purposes. Through the process of investigation and data collection, tree valuation can supply cost and impact factors for many needs.  Reporting can document instances of protection measures, and aid in determining actual value and replacement cost. 


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