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You’ve Found The Best, Now What Comes Next?

In order to effectively address all of our clients’ needs, Heartwood Tree follows a standard flow process that ensures we can share information, between our clients and our team, and between the various hands that will help you with your treework requests along the way.
Emergency Tree Service needs are prioritized at the time of the event. Need Emergency Service?

After contacting Heartwood, our customer service department will speak with you to gather pertinent information for your job, including contact information, work request specifics, and your availability to meet with our Consulting Arborist for an evaluation.

Your Consulting Arborist will provide you with a proposal for work after meeting with you, generally within 48 hours of the visit, which may include general tree work, plant health care options, stump grinding options and any recommendations for future proposed work. You can review and accept services from your proposal via message from your Arborist, or contact your Arborist or our customer service team by phone or email with your approval.

Sometimes We Need To Bring in the BIG TRUCKS!

If your accepted work includes use of one of our cranes or a specialty lift, your work will be scheduled as that equipment allows. Things to keep in mind:

  • Please keep a safe distance from any equipment or Heartwood Vehicles while we
    perform our work. Our tools are not for the faint of heart!

  • Tree work is inherently hazardous!  Be conscious of your surroundings if you are outside while our crews are working.   Your Crew Leader will communicate with you regarding the active work zone, and any restrictions as far as your access.  Dangers can be present  while the crew is working, and because they are aloft and working with loud equipment, they may not be able to see or hear you!
  • We will be respectful of your property, your neighbors and your community!  We may occasionally need to close a travel lane or pause traffic to accommodate our large equipment.  We will do this SAFELY and with you in mind!  Be aware of the traffic control personnel and please do not disturb any safety cones or signage while we are working.

  • The set up of specialty equipment at your property can take time! It is our goal to set up our equipment correctly for maximum efficiency in the performance of your work.

  • Your driveway may need to be accessed in order to complete your requested services. Please be sure to download and complete our Driveway Release! 

Power Lines Involved?

Some of our services may require coordination with local Power Service Providers. Temporary line drop/disconnection or safety clearance will need scheduling with your local provider, and we will help with that! Please keep in mind that these services are necessary prior to our work for everyone’s safety. We are dependent on the Power Service Providers to review, schedule and perform any power clearance or temporary disconnection, and they have their own timelines for completing our requests. When a power line drop is needed, your power will be reconnected the same business day that your tree work is completed.

Due diligence requires us to have utilities and communications lines located prior to grinding stumps or planting trees to ensure that we don’t hit a power line and fry an operator, or hit a gas line and blow up a neighborhood. Heartwood will contact the local utility locating representative, and make arrangements for your lines to be marked. You will receive a notification when this ticket is requested with this agent. These providers are required to ring your doorbell/knock on your door prior to beginning their survey and markings. You can request flags instead of grass paint when this service provider arrives to mark your lines. For more information on Stump Grinding Services.



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