Safety training in the tree care industry provides many different types of training, from proper use of various types of equipment to the proper use of various climbing and rigging gear. Everyone knows that safety training helps provide needed skills to perform various task but are you aware that employers are federally mandated to provide training? The Occupational Health and Safety Administration or OHSA as most of us know them, have provided guidelines on training and how often that training should occur. The more hazardous the task the greater level of training and protective equipment required to perform that task properly and most importantly safely. Here at Heartwood Tree we have raised the bar when it comes to safety and how we approach it. We have a full safety program that has committee meetings bi monthly which allows our 7 Certified Treecare Safety Professionals (CTSP) and other committee members the ability to properly plan and prepare to achieve maximum results. In addition, we have 30 minute safety meetings as a company and hold several ½ day training sessions for everyone at Heartwood.

The tree care industry is a very dangerous field of employment and with the proper skills and training, it allows us to perform our tasks safely. When things go really wrong as sometimes they do, training can mean the difference between life and death.

We love our trees here at Heartwood Tree and your support in keeping us working safer and stronger allows us to continue to safely care for Charlotte’s trees.

David Whitley

ISA Certified Arborist SO-1731A


CTSP #1375