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Plant Growth Regulators for Tree Health and Size Maintenance

Cambistat, the plant growth regulator (PGR) we use, is scientifically proven to improve the health of trees. Research shows that Cambistat gently slows the growth of trees, allowing the tree to redirect some of its energy from canopy growth to defense chemicals, fibrous root production, and other uses. The resulting benefit of the reallocation of energy will help your tree be healthier and more durable. You will see greener leaves, less insect and disease injury, and your trees will be better able to withstand drought and other environmental stresses.

Application for health benefit is appropriate for :

  • Construction injured trees
  • Declining and older trees
  • Trees stressed from drought
  • Trees growing in limited rooting area
  • Injury caused by disease or insects
  • Newly transplanted trees

Application for tree size maintenance is appropriate for:

  • Trees too close to houses
  • Trees near pools, decks, patios, and sidewalks
  • Trees under power lines
  • Blocked scenic views
  • High maintenance trees

Tree Response to Cambistat

Growth Reduction

Cambistat is designed to gently and predictably slow the growth of your trees. You can expect 40 – 60% reduction in growth over a 3-year period. Cambistat should be reapplied after 3 years.

Higher Tolerance to Insects and Disease

Research shows Cambistat makes trees significantly tougher in response to some opportunistic insects and disease. Cambistat thickens the protective barrier of the leaf and increases production of defense chemicals.

Improved Drought & Heat Resistance

Drought is a major cause of tree death and decline in the urban landscape. Research shows that Cambistat increases drought resistance by helping the tree to decrease water losses during dry, hot periods.

Root System Enhancement

Research shows that Cambistat increases fine root density. Higher root density increases a tree’s ability to absorb minerals and water, increasing the tree’s ability to produce energy and survive in stressful situations.

Energy is redirected from canopy growth, allowing for these health benefits to occur


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