The Lungs Of Atlanta Are Not Safe

Editorial by Julia George

Ever heard of the South River Forest? It’s one of the oldest and largest forests in Atlanta, located just southeast of the city. The benefits provided by this forest are numerous, including pollution reduction, erosion control, promotion of environmental diversity, and a beautiful natural area within the city limits.

Currently there are plans to build an expansive training facility within this forest for police, paramedics, and firefighters.. The construction of this training facility would destroy an essential asset to the environment and the citizens of Atlanta. You may have heard this controversial development referred to as “cop city” in the media.  While most people would agree that the training  of our emergency service personnel is paramount, we also have to acknowledge that we simply would not be here without trees. If these plans come to fruition there is no doubt that the detrimental impacts will be felt throughout the local environment and community. We are urging the City Council to reconsider their approval for the location and size development of this facility in an effort  to preserve a sacred space in a city that so desperately needs what this forest provides. 

As a company that values environmental education and protection, we feel compelled to advocate on behalf of the South River Forest. Our mission statement is to “empower people to be great tree stewards”, which will resonate with most of you reading this. We feel a responsibility to inform you when an opportunity arises to make a positive environmental impact. At Heartwood we feel passionate about this issue, and have signed a petition that encourages the City Council to reconsider the size and placement of this facility. You can also take action by adding your name to the petition or reaching out to the mayor directly. This is an opportunity to use your voice in a peaceful and meaningful way.

Passions surrounding the South River Forest and this project run deep. Unfortunately one protestor has lost their life defending this forest and many others have suffered  severe consequences. 

We encourage you to do your own research. Below you will find a  few links that we’ve found to be valuable: 

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