Patrick George, Heartwood Tree Owner and Founder, has an important message for you!  You can view his video update  HERE

The City of Charlotte Unified Development Ordinance has opened their proposed changes for city tree preservation for community review and ,most importantly, YOUR comments.  Follow this link:   to review all of the UDO proposals for our city, specifically ARTICLE 29. Tree Protection, included in the Stormwater and Natural Resources articles.  We need the City to hear the voices of the residents under these trees even more than the developers hoping to remove these trees to make way for new buildings and parking lots.  Article 29 also expands protection for some trees on private property.  This is where most individual tree loss occurs. This would protect more of our declining canopy. 

The commenting process can be cumbersome, so we recommend reaching out directly to the decision makers.

Email your Council Members and our Mayor using the link below to each member’s contact information to make sure that they understand how important tree preservation is to YOU and the future of our City.  Be sure to use the email subject “UDO Tree Protection” so that your council members can quickly see the requests from the community to approve and fund these improvements. The only content needed to get this important message is “I support the updated Tree Protection plans in Article 29”. City of Charlotte Council Members Page

Send individual messages, group messages, copy & pasted messages, but please help flood these officials’ inboxes with this message.  

“I support the updated Tree Protection plans in Article 29!”