Planning for Pruning!

Look up! Pruning needs? Let us help you plan it smart.

The longer hotter days can really bring out the best and worst of us, trees included of course. After the spring season when the flowers bloom and trees leaf out again it’s refreshing to see new life bring color back into the world. Evening walks and dinners on the patio become a more appealing option. Then of course are the summer storms that cool everything back down and allow us to appreciate the comforts of life we’ve built by feeling safe in our homes.

These are also moments when we tend to notice the changes of the fauna and flora in our yards. River birches expand their reach, tulip poplars and willow oaks make for amazing spots in the shade, woodpeckers might find a nice meal in a decaying tree. Feeling safe in our homes comes with maintenance and awareness of the trees in our yard as well. When our trees leaf out and bloom you can see their full shape and health. At this time of year, after Spring’s lush growth,  you might be able to notice limbs where the tree is struggling or going through the natural process of shedding what no longer creates a benefit to the specimen.   Things like small interior limbs or low hanging branches that aren’t exposed to sunlight that finally give up.  You will also notice limbs that are elbowing their way in on your roof or obstructing your views. 

There are plenty of reasons to notice structurally where an improvement can be made to the trees we coexist most of our private time with. When noticing these details it’s important to be proactive and plan ahead. The summer months are the best time to assess the patterns and health of your trees to determine what kind of maintenance they may need. That said, don’t be too quick to say yes to having tree work done immediately in the hot months unless it’s an emergency. Have an overgrown canopy? If you’re looking to reduce the width or spread of the canopy by more than 30% then it’s a great idea to plan for pruning in the dormant season of winter. Dormant season for trees is a natural anesthetic which will allow for the tree to recover stronger. 

Smaller pruning jobs such as a couple limbs encroaching on a roof, hanging over a playground or driveway can certainly be taken care of sooner than later. Considering the best time to do significant structural preventive pruning is better to plan ahead which your tree and your wallet will thank you for.