If you come here often then you’re already probably familiar with our relatively new ForEver Green Program. Here is some more info to help provide a deeper understanding into what this ForEver Green program entails:


  • Efficient communication process for maintaining the health of your shrubs and trees 
  • Automatic renewal each year for ease of maintenance unless otherwise specified by you and your yards needs
  • Save time and money by proactively taking care of your beautiful yard you’ve invested in 
  • Access to expert knowledge and service with a set it and forget it program
  • Peace of mind knowing your yard is monitored and will remain healthy  


Plant Health Care is a part of our services at Heartwood that entails holistically diagnosing and prescribing beneficial treatments to maintain the health in your yard. Instead of worrying about your azaleas making it through spring because of a lacewing infestation, your crape myrtles being attacked by bark scale, or whiteflies on your gardenias, you can trust our expert knowledge to provide your yard with health and peace of mind for every season. When we notice your yard is back to peak health you’ll be given the full diagnosis and recommendations for future mitigation to either stay on a monitoring program with our professionals or have the confidence to know you’re provided with the knowledge to monitor on your own. The efficiency this process provides is also making sure the timing of treatment and monitoring is done at the appropriate time so we can be proactive with pest and disease issues rather than reactive.