I hope this gets your attention this time around. Seven years ago in April, Heartwood found our first reported infestation of Emerald Ash Borer, more commonly referred to as “EAB”, in Mecklenburg County. Two months later we found our first ones in the Asheville Buncombe County area. The US Forest Service had been predicting their arrival for 3 years prior and there was no conspiracy theory involved.  At this point in time, February 2023, most of our attention has moved onward to other closer to home concerns and yet EAB continues to attack and diminish our White and Green Ash populations. The future is not bright for this native inhabitant and human intervention appears to be the only way to hold on to our existing population.  I can still find individual Ash trees that are semi isolated and have not yet been attacked. There are several in my neighborhood, Sharon Hills which is behind the Harris YMCA.   I’m finding fewer every Spring and Summer.  The only known treatment is a proactive injected preventative that lasts for 2 years in our area. If you’re unsure if you have Ash trees on your property, give us a call and mention this newsletter and we’ll be happy to meet you and have a look.  We can provide pricing for treatment if you do have any and you can compare it to the cost of removal.  We usually regret things we don’t do.  Not things we do!  Let’s do this!  Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you’ll act, NOW!  It’s looking up for urban trees with Heartwood to the rescue! 

 Patrick George. ISA Certified Arborist.