Author: Chris Diffley, Plant Health Care Manager

When it comes to caring for your plant material, timing is everything. If you’ve lived in Charlotte for any length of time, you know that spring is cankerworm season (or used to be), June bugs appear in June, and striped oakworms will happily give you the gift of a disgusting deck in the fall. What you may not know is that these and other insects all work on a calendar just like us, but theirs is based on temperatures instead of days of the week. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and being able to read that calendar allows us as arborists to know what’s about to show up before it’s eating your trees. By allowing us to service your property on a regular schedule, we take the guesswork out of when you might need us, and can often prevent infestations before they occur. That’s the beauty of a TLC program. Having a qualified arborist visiting your property at the appropriate times of year gives your landscape the checkup it needs before things get out of hand. In addition to inspecting your ornamental trees and shrubs for whatever creepy crawlies might be lurking, we can also observe the rest of your landscape, making recommendations on watering, pruning, and other good cultural practices to get the most out of the landscape you’ve invested so much time in. 

In addition, having your organic based fertilizations on a regular schedule takes the work out of remembering whether everything has been given the proper amendments needed for the time of year. In spring, plants need nutrients to support bloom and leaf expansion, and our proprietary blend supplies these, as well as a host of beneficial mycorrhizae, bacteria, and other beneficial ingredients to support a healthy soil biome. In the fall, plants need the building blocks necessary for recovery from the long summers, and our customized fertilizer does exactly that. Best of all, you can rest easily knowing we have it taken care of, and no more phone calls to make sure you’re “on the list.”

As our lives continue to get more complex and the to-do’s never seem to end, let us simplify the one thing we do well, taking care of your trees and shrubs and keeping them “Forevergreen.”