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Heartwood will ONLY be banding in Charlotte. There isn’t a need in Asheville at this time. Once again this year we will NOT be installing Bugbarrier! You can thank the neighborhood squirrels for this change! This year we will be installing Tanglefoot. Tanglefoot is great for all tree shapes and sizes. Tanglefoot is less likely to be damaged by squirrels and dogs. We encourage you to monitor your bands and call with concerns. We also have a method of protection using a product applied to the soil around the tree that may be a good fit for some trees as opposed to banding. Please contact the office for more information on this alternative.

Past recommended tree species for wrapping has been changed from a select few to all deciduous trees due to the severity of the infestation. If your trees were completely defoliated last year, we recommend the double wrapping. Replacement costs are for wraps that become overloaded with the grubs. There is a minimum charge of $100 for any home. This charge will cover the first 10 linear feet of tree circumference and $7.50 for each additional foot.

Heartwood guarantees Tanglefoot for 60 days from installation with one free return trip to repair squirrel or weather damage. There will not be return trips made due to damage from dogs, children, or vandalism.

If you would like your bands removed, Heartwood will remove the bands at a cost of $35 for 1 band at any size. Additional bands for removal priced at $5 per band. It is best to have your bands removed after May 1st.

We also have some videos below explaining how to band trees if you are interested in giving it a go yourself. If you do, we’d love to see some photos! Just remember it’s a super sticky process!!!

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*Heartwood reserves the right to measure trees when on-site and adjust the price accordingly.

Learn More About Banding Below:

As always, if you have any questions about cankerworms, banding, or anything about trees please feel free to reach out.

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