During the Spring of 2020, our most requested tree service was tree swing installation. We couldn’t have been more thrilled, because as tree preservationists, we acknowledge that the children who would spend their time swinging from the branches would become the tree stewards of the future. 

That’s our goal at Heartwood. Our motto is helping trees outlive humans and with that notion, we also know that we have a canopy of aging trees. The mission at Heartwood is to educate and empower people as tree stewards. As the word steward is relating to guiding and leading others toward necessities in a given environment. In our environment, we aim to give you the tools to successfully be the stewards of your tree’s health. Through the wisdom and experience shared by our certified consulting arborists, we trust ourselves to equip you with the best knowledge to make a confident decision for your trees and your home. Providing services from tree swing installation, crown reduction (reducing weight from branches), organic fertilization, plant growth regulator (chemical inhibitor to slow vegetative growth),  vertical mulching (process to decompact soil for better root growth), tree planting, removal, pruning, pest and disease management and more! We believe that these options of services empower our community to be the best tree stewards they can be. This mission of ours is something that all of us at Heartwood feel grateful to be able to provide to the community.