Our community has spent much of the last year isolated at home.  Naturally, as our neighbors have looked for ways to incorporate their outdoor space into their new lifestyles, a recognition of the importance of trees and the value that they add to our properties has significantly increased the demand for the services of Certified Arborists. As a result, Heartwood Tree has also seen an increase in our own need to continue expanding our team of expert “green” employees.  


Whether you are brand new to the treework field or are an experienced arborist looking to grow within the industry, Heartwood has opportunities for you to expand your knowledge, skill and credentials.  Our staff shares a common thread of love for our environment, respect for the Urban Canopy, and an understanding of the importance of tree preservation.  If you are ready to take your career to new heights, apply today at Heartwood Tree!



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Why Work at Heartwood?

A Story from A Heartwood Employee: 

“I have always had a deep love for trees. My grandfather owned a tree farm I helped with throughout most of my younger life, solidifying my love for trees early. When I was 9 my parents hired Heartwood to prune some large pecans in our backyard. As a kid who loved to climb literally everything, I was enamored. My love of trees stayed with me and became the focus of my higher education where I graduated with a degree in Natural Resource Management from WCU. After I graduated, I set out for Colorado to work for a forestry company. I loved the forest and Colorado, but I really liked the idea of treating trees as individuals instead of a stand. After a while I decided to come back home and explore other career options. PG’s brother and his family had been good family friends of ours, and when he heard I was looking for a career shift he put me in touch with PG. I started with Heartwood in 2006 as a groundman, picking up brush, chipping and raking. I then moved into climbing, bridging two of my lifelong passions. Eventually I became a crew leader and assisted with scheduling the crews. After six years with Heartwood, the west was calling me again and my wife and I moved to LA in 2012. I used the skills and work ethic I acquired at Heartwood to support myself as an arborist in many capacities. In 2018, with a baby on the way, my wife and I began our search for a larger place when we realized how expensive real estate had become and concluded that we needed to leave LA entirely. We landed on Asheville, and I reached out to PG as I knew Heartwood had opened an office there in my absence. I was welcomed back with open arms, it was truly like coming home. I am currently the Consulting Arborist for the Asheville territory. Heartwood has always been in my life, and I feel fortunate to have such a wonderful second family.”

-Tommy Masters