We already know that a new pest is making its way to our area, the Spotted Lanternfly! This bug has been shown to make itself welcome in a very broad variety of trees, including hardwoods, pine species, fruit trees and grapevines.  We still have time to educate ourselves, prepare ourselves and begin the hunt for this bug.  Here are the steps you need to take now to ensure that your trees are protected from this invasive pest.


  • LOOK!  

This is the easy one.  This beautiful pest commands attention at all stages of life except for the egg cases. Egg cases are camouflaged as a bark or dark colored mass, usually near the trunk of the tree. Egg case = infestation!

  • LEARN!

Like something out of a Stephen King novel, these beauties will attack most of your favorite plants.  

  • ACT!

Email the NC Dept. of Agriculture, badbug@ncagr.gov  and report this nefarious pest!  Then squash them yourself if there aren’t too many. 


If you do find evidence of the Spotted Lanternfly, be sure to scrape any eggs, squish the bugs, and report the finding to either Heartwood Tree or the North Carolina department of Agriculture by emailing a photo of any life stage to: badbug@ncagr.gov


We’ve noticed that just about everyone on the East Coast is trying to stomp out the Spotted Lanternfly.  As with any pest or  disease, spreading the word to educate the public is critical to curtailing the problem. Notifications don’t have to be always serious, though!  Heartwood appreciates cheeky humor, and this Weekend Update sketch from Saturday Night Live doesn’t disappoint!  Public Notifications can be really funny too!  WARNING:  Adult Content 

Weekend Update: A Spotted Lanternfly on Being an Invasive Species – SNL