As we continue to navigate the spread and uncertainty of COVID-19, we have learned that safety in our culture is paramount. The Heartwood safety culture encompasses everything that we do to serve our community and is constantly evolving to reflect hazards that we face in the field everyday. As providers of essential services that protect your home or business, we understand that you appreciate safety too!  

Patrick George, Heartwood Tree Owner, and Founder are in the high-risk category of exposure to Covid -19, due to falling into the “Senior Citizen” age group (as hard as this is for him to admit). His wife Noreen is also high-risk, with a compromised immune system from a severe heart attack 4 years ago. These aren’t the only employees of our company that are considered highly vulnerable to exposure.Our extended Heartwood Family includes several spouses and children of employees who are at high-risk for infection for various reasons as well. 

Of the many hazards that our team members face working in your trees and yards, we believe that Covid-19 is primary at the current time.  When our consultants and tree workers are on your property, we wear masks whenever possible, specifically when communicating with our clients.  This procedure is for Our safety, our Family safety and most importantly, for YOUR safety.  And, just as we would discourage you from walking through an active work zone without a helmet, eye and ear protection, we also discourage you from communicating with our employees on your property without a face covering or mask.  It’s simple sense, we don’t want you exposed, and we don’t want exposure to our employees.  We ask that you please Mask Up when observing or communicating with our team members on your property.  Safety is what brings our employees home at the end of a hard day.