Indoor plant care

While the world outside turns white and frosty, we need to work on the indoor plant care, our plants need extra attention to keep their greenery vibrant. Here’s how to ensure your indoor plants remain healthy and happy during the cold months.

Water Wisely: Over-watering is a common mistake in winter. Plants need less water as their growth slows down. Check the soil moisture and water only when necessary.

Humidity haven

Humidity Haven: Many houseplants, especially tropical varieties, thrive in humid conditions. As heaters tend to dry out indoor air, consider using a humidifier or placing a water tray near your plants to maintain the humidity.

Let There Be Light: Shorter days mean less sunlight. Move your plants closer to windows, but be cautious of cold drafts. Rotate them regularly for even light exposure.

Temperature Check

Temperature Check: Keep your plants away from cold drafts and direct heat sources like radiators, which can dehydrate and damage them. By following these simple guidelines, your indoor garden will remain a lush, green oasis, providing a much-needed reminder of the warmer months to come, so keep working on your indoor plant care.