Greetings tree lovers!  This is Patrick George, Benevolent Dictator of Heartwood Tree and lifelong tree hugger, planter and and admirer of all trees, living and even dead trees in the right place.  Please read on.  

Fall is finally here and the return of cool weather signals a return to future Proofing of our canopy.  So what does that mean to you?  Let me share my thoughts with you.  Tree maintenance is what we live for and to make sure that we have a future, we need to maintain our famous canopy, The Queens Crown.  In short, we need to put more trees in the ground. Charlotte regularly removes trees as they age out, become unhealthy or someone becomes fearful of having them.  We can’t keep doing that without replacing them or we’ll continue to lose the canopy.  It’s the season to get intentional about this and this is the time of year to put that intention to work.  As you may have noticed in these newsletters I regularly beat this drum about planting the right trees in the right place, but most importantly, that you just plant.  Whether it’s to create shade, frame views or to even memorialize a family member or friend the reasons to plant are far more than I can say here.   If you don’t feel you have the time, skill or inclination to do that yourself, you can certainly get help from us or even sponsor tree plantings through TreesCharlotte.  If you’re thinking of this now then call NOW and let’s get the ball rolling.   No one really knows the healing power of planting trees until they do it.  Sorry to go back to the past again, but the lessons are so powerful.  In 2010 we lost my 25 year old son, Alexander in a tragic accident.  We were inconsolable and you might painfully imagine. Friends planted almost a dozen trees around town in his memory.  When I see those trees today in all their growing glory,  they bring me a sense of hope and beauty about the future.  Something we were sure would never happen at the time.  My future in the trees began with my Mom helping me with planting some seeds when I was 4.  I’m grateful now at 66 that she inspired me to see the value of trees and I hope this short story might inspire you to plant some beauty to lead us out of this pandemic paralysis. Take action please and create a legacy for our children.  Heal your heart!