By Cissy Urbanovsky

Trees Like Food?  Yes, that’s a thing!  The “Food” that trees like so much comes from the soil in which they live, not that water that your landscaper swears needs to be irrigated in.  Good soil structure and nutrition are the cornerstone of healthy tree growth. Water alone won’t give your trees or plants the nutrients that make them healthy, full and green, just like it won’t provide humans with enough to get by.   In our urban environment, the decaying plant material that would normally serve as a favorite dinner to your trees is removed regularly.  Think fallen leaves, dead plants and even decaying trees that have already served their purpose to humans and are now feeding their upright friends. The desire for a pretty, lush lawn has pushed away the importance of what our oxygen providing friends above really need to thrive. 

Just any food won’t do, however.  The fertilizer treatments that your trees and shrubs are given need to be customized to our local environments.  Heartwood’s Arborplex fertilizer provides organic material, beneficial bacteria, as well as macro and micro nutrients to improve soil texture, nutrient balance and provide the increased water uptake.  All of these ingredients make growing strong as easy as taking a daily multivitamin.

Also of note, trees that are Over-Stimulated, by excessive pruning, topping, insect infestation, drought or root damage need food as well.  In these cases, we use growth regulator, which allows for energy sources to be redirected from canopy growth to defense chemicals, fibrous root production, and other uses. The reallocation of energy will help your tree become healthier and more durable over the course of years, typically three. You will see greener leaves, less insect and disease injury, and your trees will be better able to withstand drought and other environmental stresses.

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