By Julia George

Love, it’s in the air! And no I’m not talking about Valentine’s day. The commercialized time to shower your lover, lovers, or yourself 😉 because self love rocks, and there’s no judgment here in the tree community on how you celebrate love. 

What we’re talking about is what’s literally in the air, Oxygen! Thanks to those lovely, large living specimens of trees we live among, we have plenty of deliciously fresh oxygen to keep our lungs healthy. 

If you take the time to travel outside of North Carolina or if you’ve ever flown into one of the airports in this state one of the main things you notice coming back is allllll the greenery! It’s magnificent, right? It’s also somewhat easy to take for granted if it’s something you’re lucky enough to see every day. That’s why we’d like to take a second to reflect on how lucky we are to be surrounded by the many benefits of trees and how they love all! Cheesy we know but you get the memo. Those large living organisms in your yard provide MULTIPLE benefits that enhance your life and also demand your attention- just like our lovers 😉 

#1- trees eat greenhouse gasses and provide us with fresh air or oxygen which allows us to breathe! You’ve heard it since elementary school folks. Trees are the reason we have oxygen to breathe. How lucky are we to be in a part of the world where each of us have these specimens in our own yard to watch grow and gain the health benefits from?

#2- Trees boost our mental and physical health- After two years going through the pandemic I’m willing to bet that most of you could get through the work day easier once you took a break outside and inhaled some fresh air. If you haven’t implemented that energy reboost into your day- we highly recommend giving it a try. See how it feels for you to take a break from your screen and breathe the fresh air. Studies show that spending time in nature enhances our mood by decreasing anxiety and depression. 

#3- Trees cool down your life, AND save you money on your electric bill- 

On a hot summer day if you’re outside and want to cool off the place you want to be is under the cool shade of a tree. Think about how much of an impact that has on your house and AC bill as well. A good rule of thumb for new homeowners is to live a full year with all the trees in your yard before making any drastic changes to them (unless they’re dead and a safety hazard) to see how they impact lighting, cooling, and landscape of your house through all the seasons. Then you’ll truly be able to decipher loss vs gain by making drastic changes to your trees. 

There are many other benefits that trees provide such as soil erosion, filtering drinking water, providing privacy and more! We hope that with this quick reflection on how beneficial trees are you’ll remember to go outside today, look up and feel the love! 

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