NC State confirmed this week the first cases of crepe myrtle bark scale in North Carolina. One of our landscape partners first noticed something wrong with crepe myrtles in 2 communities off exit 35 on i77. The pictures below are of the pest. They appear as small white specs on the trunk and in the canopy. About the size of a pencil tip. They can affect the overall health of the plant, reducing new growth and causing a darker overall appearance. Our Arborists are keeping an eye out for it in other areas. If you have a crepe myrtle in your yard (I believe they give them out as part of a Welcome to North Carolina package when you move here so most everyone has one) please take a few minutes and give it a look. If you notice anything please give us a call. There are treatment options for the pest and we’d like to do our best to keep it in check before it spreads throughout the area.