It’s been a really cold start to 2018 around the Lake Norman region.  Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville and Mooresville all recorded low temps of 7 degrees, without the windchill factor!  These cold temps are not only hard on us but also the trees and shrubs that surround us.  Winter/Cold Damage on landscape trees and shrubs is an injury that occurs during winter  and can result from low air temps and drying winter winds.  The most commonly seen symptom is leaf scorch will cause the leaves to curl and appear droopy with brown tips and margins.   Needled Evergreens can also suffer needle scorch in exposed conditions such as along the banks of Lake Norman.

   Trees and shrubs that may be susceptible in the lake area are Azaleas, Hollies, Euonymus, Cherry Laurel, Boxwoods, Southern Magnolias, Crape Myrtles, lorapetalum, Gardenias and Camellias.  Spring fertilization coupled with pruning/removing any dead tissue will help your plants bounce back from these harsh temps.