Spring has been creeping towards Charlotte for a couple of weeks now and with the temps this week it’s hard not to really notice the signs.  Up until this point, trees were starting to give subtle clues they were ending their slumbers.  Find a red maple this week and look closely then step back and look at the canopy from a distance.  Red maples are red twice a year!  The tiny buds beginning their work have a wonderful red color to them that turns the entire canopy red.  Many early season flowering magnolias have already started to push out large buds and even flower petals.  There’s a good chance that these early flowerers will sustain some damage if the temps drop low enough overnight.  This shouldn’t be a problem for the plant overall and the damage will only be cosmetic.  Elms have a beautiful orangish huge to their canopies and silver maples have a lighter colored tan/white set of parts that makes them easily to distinguish from their red family members.  Flowering apricots have been in bloom in some areas now for a couple of weeks.  As you are outside enjoying the weather this week, take a closer look at some of the plants you encounter.  You’ll probably see some signs that they are taking advantage of the warm temps and sunshine (Hopefully later in the week) too!